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We combine front-line technology and advanced analytical methods with good marine practice

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Web design and marketing

We offer full range of web and design development services. We create websites from scratch, You can easily sign up for projects that are in progress or we can maintain and actualize your existing workspace.

  • Websites
  • eCommerce
  • Cloud services
  • Branding
  • Website audit
  • Developing team
  • etc.

Cloud Migration

We will audit your IT infrastructure, select the optimal cloud model, test the process, and ensure migration to the cloud in compliance with the country's legislation.

  • IT infrastructure audit
  • Developing a roadmap for migration to the cloud
  • Separation of data and services for cloud migration
  • Choosing a cloud model
  • Testing before migration
  • Launch in the cloud

Implementation of information systems

Depending on the task at hand, we can either develop specified systems in accordance with your requirements or we`ll find and implement the most suitable solution from those available on the market.

  • CRM / ERP / BPM integration
  • Specific platform development
  • Technical support

Distribution of Software

We are an official distributor of licensed software. Due to wide and reliable network of our partners we can guaranty maximum comfort of our customers. We provide both option of a subscription to a specific product and package offers that are necessary for a diversified solution to the task.

  • Software distribution
  • Technical support


Morsfera now is a part of a consortium of companies around the world, that is aimed at providing the highest quality service within a single corporate program.

Our mission is to contribute to the development of marine industry by modernizing outdated business models. Our goals are focused on meeting the needs of our clients and our methods are based on the latest developments in IT industry.

We have created an environment where we combined the highly qualified experience of marine specialists with vast experience, skills, and knowledge of IT developers.

We offer ready-made solutions developed by our specialists or we can provide highly qualified support in finding solutions for specific tasks within the global market.

We follow latest innovations in IT trends and we know what to offer for a business to stay ahead of competitors.

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We are chosen by

We take part in development and support of IT infrastructure for small, medium and large businesses, as well as for government agencies. Our customers:

Shipowners, Charterers and Vessel managers

Crewing companies

Repair organizations

Ship chandlers

Supply companies


Marine Agents



Marine institutions

Why we are chosen?

Our team is devoted to finding the best technical solution to solve certain problems of marine business. We offer consulting and software development services with 24/7 online support in 3 languages.

From the earlystage of project preparation to the final steps of contract execution, our method is based on the best practices of the leading IT companies as well as great marine background and expertise of our managers.

We realize what factors have to be considered during development and implementation of our product in your good organization.


What else can we help you with?

You have an idea, but you do not know how to implement it?

You feel that you can get more value out of your day-to-day routine with even less effort?

Your e-mail is congested and you have no time to read through letters?

You are losing customers and do not understand why?

You want to attract customers/partners from abroad and you need an efficient website?

You are going to have a meeting with investors and you need your idea to be visualized?

Are you stuck in your business development?

Is it difficult for you to keep track of customers, employees, vessels, crew, goods, stocks, deadlines for documents and etc.?


CRM Implementation

Ship supply delivery company

Cloud service connection

Crewing Company

Implementation of ERP


Dashboard development

Agent company

Docs tracking cloud service

Ship operator company

Cooperation Principles

Our mission is to make maritime transportation more efficient and easier at every stage by providing every company with instruments to construct its own fully-fledged ecosystem.


We are the team, which is approached again and again.


We do our work in cost-efficient manner. In order to achieve this, we choose the best solutions and constantly challenge ourselves to refactor our approach using latest technologies.


We adapt to the deadlines you need and always keep you up to date with work progress.


We approach each project rationally: we select the best solutions and seamlessly minimize potential costs.

See why customers choose MORSFERA

At MORSFERA, we’re dedicated to reimagining the way you run a maritime company….but don’t just take our word for it.

Thank you very much for great service and your adviсe. Pleasure to work with you!


I wish to express my thanks to the Team of “MORSFERA” for perfect presentation that helped me to attract investors and run my supply company. Your support is much appreciated.


At first I thought, well, another IT-startup which knows little about maritime business…God, I was wrong! I had an issue with one of suppliers, whom I found through the website., but support desk of Morsfera has solved the problem within few hours! I saved time and money and now recommend this service to all my friends.


Хочу сказать спасибо за работу! Внедряли KPI. Было комфортно работать и результат порадовал. Рекомендую компанию.


Pleasure to work with you guys! I`m happy to be your partner as our community keeps growing.


Спасибо за CRM. Теперь работаем на несколько портов, клиенты счастливы, и никто не теряется. Скоро снова обратимся, уже есть идеи что добавить.


We considerably increased customers` satisfaction factor. Thanks! The company is highly recommended.


Thank you!


Warm regards to morsfera team! Thank you for the booking system!



Do you have discounts?

Yes. We have discounts for complex services, packages and for regular customers.

Can I become your partner?

Yes. We are open to cooperation. We are happy to share our experience, knowledge and skills to achieve mutually beneficial results. More info on the “Partnership” page.

Are you hiring?

Yes. Since our organization is constantly evolving and partner companies are seeking support from our specialists, we are always willing to expand our staff. You can find open job positions on the “Careers” page. You can also send us your CV by e-mail at and we will offer the first suitable vacancy.

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