Implementation of information systems

How efficient is your business? Only those who know about your business know everything!

We can offer you a full package of services including development, adapting and implementing the information system, based on the best industry practices of the world maritime sphere.

CRM, ERP, BPM in systems we develop and implement geolocation services, event forecasting, risk management and other services necessary for the efficient operation of your company.

After implementation you get a step-by-step and finely tuned system.

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How does it work?

  • Define the objectives of IS implementation.
  • Explore the business processes of the company, interviews with all participants from ordinary employees, line personnel to management of the company. At the exit we get diagrams for each process. We define the amount of work and the cost are determined.
  • Formulation of terms of reference, draft, regulation. Description of all processes, employees, workplaces and tools.
  • Staff training for implementation, they need to know what is required of them in order not to delay the completion of the work.
  • Customization of the IS according to the specifics of the enterprise. Delimitation of access rights, IS mode, start of data input into the system, tuning of algorithms, necessary reports.
  • Most of the time, many of the company’s employees do more work. They must not only work as before, but also reflect their actions in the information system. Maximum discipline and focus of all those involved in the implementation is required. The end result should be a convergence of information system data with reality.
  • Industrial operation, at this stage, the staff is fully employed in the IS, providing technical support to users.
  • Completion of the project. The key is signed job descriptions for all staff, segregation of duties and interoperability.