Meet Marine Solutions!

The best IT solutions for the marine business.

We combine front-line technology and advanced analytical methods with good marine practice. We are focused on meeting the needs of our clients and our methods are based on the latest developments in the IT industry.

We offer ready-made solutions developed by our specialists or we can provide highly qualified support in finding solutions for specific tasks within the global market.


Web design and marketing

We offer full range of web and design development services. We create websites from scratch, You can easily sign up for projects that are in progress or we can maintain and actualize your existing workspace.

  • Websites
  • eCommerce
  • Cloud services
  • Branding
  • Website audit
  • Developing team
  • etc.

Cloud Migration

We will audit your IT infrastructure, select the optimal cloud model, test the process, and ensure migration to the cloud in compliance with the country's legislation.

  • IT infrastructure audit
  • Developing a roadmap for migration to the cloud
  • Separation of data and services for cloud migration
  • Choosing a cloud model
  • Testing before migration
  • Launch in the cloud

Implementation of information systems

Depending on the task at hand, we can either develop specified systems in accordance with your requirements or we`ll find and implement the most suitable solution from those available on the market.

  • CRM / ERP / BPM integration
  • Specific platform development
  • Technical support

Distribution of Software

We are an official distributor of licensed software. Due to wide and reliable network of our partners we can guaranty maximum comfort of our customers. We provide both option of a subscription to a specific product and package offers that are necessary for a diversified solution to the task.

  • Software distribution
  • Technical support

Key benefits of working with us

Many partners in IT Development and Product Management. We are a team of IT specialists having many years of experience in the IT industry, and we are constantly in search of new knowledge and solutions, we follow current trends and are ready to apply them to let our clients have the maximum advantage in the international market.

Our employees work all over the world. Therefore, our approach to working with clients is a synthesis of proven international experience and the local feature of the market.

Marine Solutions is a Consortium of Companies. We are constantly expanding the geography of our services, opening new branches and connecting additional companies to Marine Solutions. This enables us to provide a quality product, taking into account all the needs of companies in various parts of the world.

Only Marine Solutions may fulfill all your IT Development or Product Management expectations for your project. We have extensive experience in the maritime industry. Our team is devoted to finding the best technical solution to solve certain problems of the marine business.

From the early stage of project preparation to the final steps of contract execution, our method is based on the best practices of the leading IT companies as well as the great marine background and expertise of our managers.

We realize what factors have to be considered during the development and implementation of our product in your good organization.

We invite you to join and develop with us!

We follow the latest innovations in IT trends and we know what to offer for a business to stay ahead of competitors.

Submit a request and we will offer the best IT solution for your business!

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