Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have discounts?

Yes. We have discounts for complex services, packages and for regular customers.

Can I become your partner?

Yes. We are open to cooperation. We are happy to share our experience, knowledge and skills to achieve mutually beneficial results. More info on the “Partnership” page.

Are you hiring?

Yes. Since our organization is constantly evolving and partner companies are seeking support from our specialists, we are always willing to expand our staff. You can find open job positions on the “Careers” page. You can also send us your CV by e-mail at and we will offer the first suitable vacancy.

What are the time frames?

The timing of the full cycle of interaction is individual, depending on the task and the selected service. Usually, within 3 days from the date of receipt of the task, we provide a “roadmap” that reflects the timing of the development of the project.

What guaranty can you provide?

After receiving the application, we provide a project development plan (roadmap), where we prescribe in detail each step and an approximate time frame. The customer fully controls the process from start to finish and receives a fixed result after each step. The customer has the right to change the vector of the project's development after each fixing of the intermediate result.

How to arrange meeting?

Basically, all our meetings are held in the format of an online conference, according to the results of which we can provide a recording and/or meeting minute. If the physical presence of our specialist is necessary for your office or on the ship, we find the nearest representative office, and the employee will arrive at the agreed time.

Where is your office?

Even though the head office of the company is in Russia, in the city of Taganrog, most of our employees work remotely in a virtual environment. We designed the internal communication system to avoid unnecessary costs while maintaining maximum productivity.

How to buy a franchise?

Now we do not have an open proposal for the franchise, but we are working to get it ready soon.

What are the COVID-19 restrictions?

Usually all our work is done without direct contact and in the online format, but if there is a need for a live meeting, our employees will take all necessary precautions to keep you safe.

How to pay?

Based on the agreed plan, we sign a contract and issue one or several invoices, depending on the category and volume of services provided.