MORSFERA offers comprehensive technologies for integrating business processes, which allows our customers to work profitably, quickly adapt the business to any changes and circumstances.

Leadership and History

Ruslan Usenko

Company owner

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MORSFERA was founded in early 2019 by a team of specialists in the field of maritime transport, who were operating in several ports of the Russian Federation at that time.

Initially, our company provided ship documents registration service at the harbor master’s office in Taganrog, as well as agent services and ship supplies at the Southern ports of the Russian Federation.

At this stage, our company performed a deep analysis of the fleet maintenance services market and pinpointed the most vulnerable spots of every business process in the industry.


We had to provide a high-quality service with minimal costs


Our decision to create a company has come as a response to a sharp change in the way market participants started to interact in the field of marine services under the influence of the widespread introduction of information technologies. We set out on a mission to provide high-quality service at minimal costs.

With the development of the Internet and cloud services, each business branch has gone through changes by increased speed of information transmission and processing. More than anyone else, we understood how important it was for cargo transportation, handling, and storage operations. Very soon we have found our niche at the intersection of transport and IT technologies.

The expertise in fields of marine transportation, data science, programming, and financial analysis allows us to help our clients take a different look at their activities and make the right decision in business development.


In 2021 we create original IT solutions for marine business, comprehensive development and promotion strategies for the Internet space.

We are ready to implement large-scale projects and help clients implement a set of measures to automate and optimize their business.

Our team

Denis Maksimov

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Mariia Puzinskaya

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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Igor Potapov

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

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Elena Kuznetsova

Chief editor

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Viktor Kravchuk



The unprecedented events that occurred at the beginning of 2020 with the COVID-19 outbreak catalyzed moving forward to new achievements. We have become the official representative of Marine.Family in Russia.

The story continues

MORSFERA is a team of specialists providing the highest quality services as part of a unified corporate program. Our mission is to contribute to the development of the sea transport sector by modernizing outdated business models.

Our objectives are aimed at meeting the needs of our customers with methods based on advanced information technologies and modern AI & ML techniques.

We have created an environment where we have combined the high qualification of our specialists in the field of maritime transport organization and maritime transport management with the enormous experience, skills, and knowledge of IT professionals. We can offer to you both ready-made solutions developed by our team and highly qualified support in finding solutions for particular tasks.

We live in the same rhythm with the market of innovative technologies and understand what a business needs to be ahead of its competitors. Progress does not stand still, and we move along with it. In the era of total automation, neural networks, artificial intelligence, and the widespread application of blockchain protocols, you will find a reliable partner and leader in the world of information technology in our company.