Ship supply delivery company, CRM Implementation


Increase turnover of the company on delivery of supplies to ships, reduce costs, increase efficiency and key productivity indicators, expand the partnership network. To be able to sell the franchise.


The introduction of the CRM system, a well-built and well-tuned system of customer relations, is a powerful tool for development and advancement.

Thanks to the implemented system the speed of interaction with the client increased by many times, on some issues the speed of interaction increased in many times.

The managers recognized their clients already at the time of the call, they knew what and how much they had sold to him last time, during the conversation they could see the whole history of the client relationship. We have helped to identify customer needs the needs of clients and to give them the opportunity to meet the are needs.


Increase in average check 25%, increase in number of clients per manager 30%. It became possible to quickly develop the company’s subsidiary network in other ports, including the franchise scheme.