Agent company, dashboard development


Improve operational efficiency in all areas of the operating company. Shorten the time of realization of the stages of the maritime-shore-consumer chain.


In the first phase of the implementation all key business processes of the company were described, formulas for calculating indicators (KPI development) were drawn up, and the company’s activity in each specific port of presence was analyzed.

At the level of department heads «dashboard» was integrated with a visual representation of the situation in «real-time» mode.

Visualization of milestones of key indicators, tasks facing the department allows to change the level of thinking and operational management of the company and its structure, line personnel, resources, logistics, all the most important elements.


Introduction, custamization “dashboard” and “KPI development” not only fulfilled the set task, but also gave business owners possiblity to look at their “product” from at a different angle, revise the plans for the development of the company and discover new directions and business development course.